Terms and conditions

In the terms and conditions listed below terms “ company” refers to Saurya Airlines. Similarly, terms like “ we our ourselves us ” that you may encounter amidst within the article additionally also indicates “Saurya Airlines”

Also Terms like “ You, Your and yourself” refers back to the passengers. Please understand the gist signified by means of the words even while going through terms and situations.

" AGREED STOPPING PLACES " means those places, besides the location of departure and the vicinity of destination, set out in the ticket or proven in our timetables as scheduled preventing places or transits for you

" AIRLINE DESIGNATOR CODE" means the two characters or three letters which denote particular air carriers.

" AUTHORISED AGENT" means a passenger sales agent who has been appointed by us to represent us within the sale of air transportation on our offerings.

" BAGGAGE" indicates your private belongings accompanying you in connection with your journey. Unless otherwise certain, it consists of your Checked and Unchecked Baggage.

"BAGGAGE CHECK  " means the one's portions of the Ticket which relate to the carriage of your Checked Baggage.

" BAGGAGE IDENTIFICATION TAG" means a record issued for the identity of Checked Baggage and is attached to the Checked Baggage.

" BOARDING PASS" is a document issued on the test-in counter after the production of a Passenger‚s reservation code or Itinerary and legitimate Travel Documents, which lets in a Passenger to board the plane.