Bombardier CRJ 200


Our current fleet,  Bombardier CRJ 200  aircraft is designed to provide superior performance and operating efficiency, without compromising on speed and safety. This aircraft has already established itself as one of the world's quietest, comfortable, safe and environment friendly Jet. These features made us select this aircraft over the options available in the aviation market.


The Bombardier CRJ200 has been designed with cabin amenities and comfort features that are comparable to those of larger jet aircraft. The cabin features two-plus-two seating gives passengers more than six feet of headroom. With unobstructed under-seat stowage and overhead bins on both sides, carry-on luggage is close at hand in the Bombardier CRJ's symmetrical, spacious and quiet cabin. The aircraft has a forward galley, rear baggage compartment and rear lavatory.


  • Bombardier CRJ 200

  • Passenger: 50
  • Max Payload Weight: 5942 kgs
  • Range: 1345 nm
  • Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW): 23133 kgs
  • TOFL at MTOW: 5800 ft.
  • LFL at MTOW: 4850 ft.
  • Speed: 860 km/h (HSC) 785 km/h (NSC)
  • Service Ceiling: 41000 ft.