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Since its inauguration on August 2014, Saurya Airlines has been a major contributor to the Nepali aviation and tourism sector. This substantial status was achieved through the continuous operation of two aircrafts to various local and the only international airport, TIA with complete satisfaction and delight of our passengers.

Our trendsetting operation that started on November 2014 with a round trip to Biratnagar, has turned into a multi destination travel medium for international and domestic travellers. Today, we connect the capital city with the major industrial hubs and booming cities of Nepal spreading our wings on five destinations across five districts. As a local air service provider, we have been key players in facilitating trade and tourism within the country.

For comfortable and uninterrupted travel, we have continuously focused on operating our aircrafts in the most efficient and responsible way while maintaining them to international standards at all times. Safety is always our first priority. We don’t just preach that motto, we stick to it every single day, every single flight. We have partnered with TATA motors for aircraft livery branding which is in fact an entirely unique form of branding in the domestic skies of Nepal.

At Saurya, we are constantly looking for rooms to improve the quality of service we provide and I hope you will be glad to see the progress we have made in the coming days. Our Airlines will always strive to provide excellent customer satisfaction and simultaneously establish a strong market presence.

I hope you enjoy your flight on Saurya Airlines!

Dipak Pokharel


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